Some pics from the 146.85 repeater work party at the WVUE Fox 8 tower in Chalmette on Saturday, September 30, 2000.  Participating were Richard Bagnetto WB5HVV, Roy Blanchard N5YHS, Andre LeFriant N5SAC, Dave Hughes W5PCM and Don Wilbanks AE5DW.

Photos by AE5DW.

climb1.jpg (153852 bytes)

Richard climbs the tower.

climb2.jpg (154842 bytes)

Still climbing...

checking.jpg (140128 bytes)

Checking the old antenna.

tower.jpg (89110 bytes)

Location of the antennas on the WVUE tower.

antennas.jpg (21887 bytes)

Close-up of the antennas.

dr&r1.jpg (73053 bytes)

Dave, Roy and Richard inspect the old antenna.

cutting.jpg (75686 bytes)

Preparing the hardline for the connector.

soldering.jpg (81382 bytes)

Richard solders the N connector to the hardline.